Conspiracies, Manifestos, and YouTube: 9 Weird Things From Greg Abbott’s First Year

His biggest accomplishment is that he might be making us miss Rick Perry...
  1. Jade Helm 15 conspiracy – News outlets mocked Abbott when he sided with a talk radio host who said the Jade Helm 15 military exercise was a secret plot by President Obama to invade Texas… via Wal-Mart tunnels.
  2. Legislating by YouTube – After viewing highly edited Internet videos, the governor cut Medicaid and HIV prevention funding to Planned Parenthood without any formal investigation.
  3. Signed a bill allowing guns on college campuses – Just let that sink in.
  4. Flouted Supreme Court on marriage equality – After the historic ruling, he issued an embarrassing directive to state agencies on how to circumvent the law (they did not comply)
  5. Paid $104 in taxes – On a $134,000 salary - and you still pay for his housing!
  6. Even the uninsured rate is bigger in Texas - His refusal to expand Medicaid or access to affordable care leaves Texas with the largest uninsured population in America.
  7. Ethics? We don’t need no stinkin’ ethics – He said ethics reform was an emergency item, but didn’t seem to care when the Legislature did nothing. And he still takes money from predatory lenders.
  8. Latinos Shmatinos – Supports a policy denying birth certificates to Latino children born in the US, and signed an $800 million immigration discrimination plan that turned into a runaway boondoggle for law enforcement.
  9. Constitutional Manifesto – The Houston Chronicle called his bizarre, 90-page document to amend the U.S. constitution more of an “appeal to the rabid anti-government crowd in his party than it is a sincere effort to find productive solutions to problems only government can solve.”

Only 75% of the term left to go!


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