Bingo! Win Big With Biden’s State of the Union

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What Biden’s Address Means for Dems

Toplines & Key Facts: 

  • Some Republicans want to cancel the Biden’s State of the Union address
  • Everyday Texans harmed by abortion bans and a labor leader invited by First Lady Jill Biden and members of congress to attend
  • Tune in to watch the address at 8 PM CT at 

The highly anticipated State of the Union address, scheduled to take place at 8PM on March 7th, has many eagerly waiting to hear from President Joe Biden about progress made in his first term and how he plans to finish the job during his second. The State of the Union address is the center of Republican critique, with GOP leaders arguing that unless Biden submits the budget on time, they couldn’t care less about what he has to say.

But, in the face of cries from Republicans to cancel this year’s State of the Union address altogether, the importance of understanding the Biden administration’s agenda is more apparent than ever. With Republican leaders like Pennsylvania Representative Scott Perry undermining the significance of the State of the Union address in a Republican controlled House, it’s clear that not everyone is eager to hear what the Biden administration has to say about their upcoming legislative plans. The GOP’s decision to essentially boycott the State of the Union address only reveals just how critical it is that voters take the time to tune in and make the conscious choice to be aware of the Biden administration’s priorities and accomplishments.

What to expect

The State of the Union is truly vital, not only to understand the goals of the Biden administration, but to look back on what Democrats have delivered for Americans. This address serves as a platform for the president to outline their legislative agenda and priorities for the coming year, offering a glimpse into national policy goals and initiatives. Ignore the claims of rightwing State of the Union cynics attempting to derail the Democratic plan for progress, and tune in to gain valuable insight towards what our administration deems to be their most pressing priorities, including hot button issues like student debt relief, reproductive rights, and climate policy

Texans attending

Amanda Zurwaski, an Austinite whose journey with a life threatening miscarriage spotlighted the problems with Texas abortion bans, will be a guest of First Lady Jill Biden during the address. Jill Biden has also invited Kate Cox, the brave Texan woman who sued the state to terminate her non-viable pregnancy, highlighting the barriers to essential reproductive care that everyday Texans are facing. Additionally, this year’s State of the Union will feature special guests. Representative Greg Casar (D-Texas) revealed that his invitee for the 2024 State of the Union will be Rick Levy, the President of the Texas AFL-CIO. This marks the inaugural invitation for the state federation of labor unions, which represents 240,000 members, to attend the address.

When compared to the spectacle that last year’s State of the Union address was, filled to the brim with political heckling and Bidenisms like “geez man” and “look buster,” hopes are high that this year’s will be as entertaining. So, Progress Texas created a bingo card that we’ll be playing along with as we watch the address, and invite you to do the same with friends and family!  

To watch the State of the Union speech live, visit You can also tune into the official social media streams of the White House for President Biden's State of the Union address. The White House feed will include ASL interpretation for accessible viewing as well! Happy Bingo-ing!


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