Amanda Zurawski and Our Fight for Reproductive Freedom

Biden and Trump spotlight Texas in dueling abortion narratives

Toplines & Key Facts:

  • Biden campaign ad spotlights Amanda Zurawski and TX’s extreme abortion ban
  • She may be unable to be pregnant again
  • Trump doubles down, says leave abortion to the states

Amanda Zurawski’s Story
The Biden campaign released an emotional advertisement featuring Amanda Zurawski, a Texas woman whose traumatic pregnancy highlights Republican controlled state's total bans on abortion following the overturning of Roe v. Wade. Zurawski's powerful journey underscores the urgent need for unwavering support for reproductive rights and confronts the continuing realities of restrictive policies today and into the future if a second Trump presidency occurred. 

From the outset, Zurawski's narrative captivates our hearts. She shares her deeply personal account of a pregnancy fraught with complications, detailing the unimaginable difficulties she faced when her life was at risk. Without fear or limitation, Amanda details that at 18 weeks her water broke and she had a miscarriage, but because of extremist policies and Donald Trump's Supreme Court decision overturning the right to an abortion, Amanda was denied standard medical care to prevent infection, an abortion. After being sent home by doctors, her infection caused so much damage Amanda may never get pregnant again. 

Committing to Reproductive Freedom
Amanda Zurawski is a woman of resilience and a guide to each of us in the power of telling your story. The Biden-Harris campaign asserts its unwavering commitment to reproductive freedom ensuring that her struggle is not just a solitary experience, but a rallying cry for all pregnant people and their allies. It also holds a warning. On Monday, Donald Trump said he would leave abortion up to the states. Additionally, with far-right groups pushing his hand towards a national abortion ban, this would coerce women into abusive relationships, deny them access to safe and proven medications such as mifepristone, along with predetermining women's lives like Amanda's, ultimately putting their survival at jeopardy. 

As voters, we have the opportunity to shape the future of our nation by electing pro-abortion leaders who prioritize life saving access for our partners and friends. Amanda Zurawski was denied basic medical care; she doesn’t blame her doctors or even Texas’ archaic trigger law, Amanda blames Donald Trump. 

What you can do: