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Naral Pro-Choice Texas

September 18, 2018
Republican supported Crisis Pregnancy Centers attempt to trick pregnant women out of receiving quality healthcare.

Trust Women, Not Republican Tricks

Imagine you’re in desperate need of a doctor and after checking into a clinic, you realize you’ve been tricked. This is not a clinic, and the employees are not doctors. For many women across the state of Texas, this isn’t a hypothetical. It’s the harsh...
August 8, 2014

HB2 on Trial: The Man Behind the Curtain

After sitting through the final day of testimony yesterday it became abundantly clear that Attorney General Greg Abbott and his underlings spend way more time scheming over how to sue the federal government to help their big donors than they do actually...
August 7, 2014

HB2 on Trial: State’s Parade of Misinformation

After two days of hearing the plaintiffs’ case—testimony from credentialed and practicing doctors and providers—about why House Bill 2, Texas’ anti-abortion law, should be struck down, the Office of Attorney General Greg Abbott began to present the state’...