STATEMENT: Our Fight for Abortion Rights Continues

text: OUR FIGHT CONTINUES, orange Texas outline over the US Supreme Court building
A year after Dobbs, progressives in Congress introduce Abortion Justice Act to return abortion rights to all Americans

TEXAS – In the year since the fall of Roe, Texans denied abortion care have suffered catastrophic harm.

This regular 88th legislative session, because of their misplaced priorities, including a cruel focus on attacking LGBTQIA+ Texans, Republicans in disarray missed the opportunities to save and improve our lives by rolling back extreme bans, or even fully clarifying abortion medical emergency exceptions.

Meanwhile, progressives in Congress are introducing the Abortion Justice Act, groundbreaking reproductive freedom legislation, removing barriers based on who you are, where you live, and how much you earn.

“One year ago, Republicans on the United States Supreme Court took away our constitutional right to abortion. We won’t stop fighting, because then, today, and tomorrow, we stand with the majority of Texans who know abortion is a human right, ” said Kathleen Thompson, executive director at Progress Texas.


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