We love nothing more than occasions to gather in person with our fellow progressives and raise a little hell - and that's exactly what we did at our brand new HQ in the Deep Ellum section of downtown Dallas a few days back. Proud to welcome back to the podcast Texas State Representative Venton Jones (as Kathleen loves to point out, HER State Rep) and brand new chair of the Dallas County Democratic Party, Kardal Coleman. A great discussion of what's now behind us, as well as the crucial work that lies ahead. THANKS to those of you who attended and stay tuned for more live events in D/FW, Austin and beyond.

Find State Representative Jones at ⁠https://house.texas.gov/members/member-page/?district=100⁠, and Kardal Coleman and the Dallas Dems at ⁠https://www.dallasdemocrats.org/⁠.

And as always, if you're loving the podcast - we could use your help in our efforts! Please consider joining the fight at ⁠https://progresstexas.org/donate⁠.