This is the first of two podcast episodes marking one year since the Dobbs decision, by which the Trump-stacked United States Supreme Court wiped away decades of precedent with the Roe V Wade decision that guaranteed the Constitutional right to an abortion for all Americans. That year has seen the redoubling of efforts by abortion rights organizations across the country to regain those rights and more, including Planned Parenthood Texas Votes, who held a terrific live event last weekend at The Cathedral, a beautiful space in East Austin. This episode presents that event, featuring Wendy Davis, State Rep. Donna Howard and more - all standing firm in the fight for the freedom for ALL of us to maintain control over our bodies and our destinies. Watch for part two, a discussion with representatives of the Frontera Fund and Planned Parenthood of the Rio Grande Valley, for a closer look at what's happening on the abortion rights front in that very important part of Texas, in the next couple of days.

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