Patriotic Millionaires

Today, a group of Patriotic Millionaires released a video challenging several of Texas’ prominent politicians and 36 of their Republican Millionaire Politician colleagues for their opposition to the Buffett Rule. 

The message of our video is simple: Millionaire Politicians who vote for themselves over their country are unpatriotic and unworthy of the offices they hold. 

So long as these Millionaire Politicians oppose the ‘Buffett Rule,’ they oppose the well-being of all Americans. Rather than gladly doing their patriotic duties, properly carrying out their legislative and constitutional responsibilities, they have instead voted to give themselves more money.

Here is a list of the Texas Millionaire Politicians featured in the video.

Here is a complete list of 136 Millionaire Politicians opposing the Buffett Rule.

Patriotic Millionaires include: more than a dozen current and former Google employees, actress Edie Falco (Nurse Jackie); Susie Buell, Founder of Esprit; John Katzman, the founder of the Princeton Review; legendary philanthropist Michael Steinhardt; famed economist Nouriel Roubini; financial guru Andrew Tobias, top executives from Warburg, Pincus and other major financial firms, Dennis Mehiel, Chairman and Founder, U.S. Corrugated, Inc.; Ron Garret, Venture Capitalist – Former Google employee; Abigail Disney, Filmmaker, philanthropist; Peter Norvig, Computer Scientist; David Brown, Investor / Entrepreneur; Dal LaMagna, Co-Managing Partner IceStone; Leo Hindery, Managing Partner, InterMedia Partners; Frank Jernigan, Former Senior Software Engineer at Google; Michael Barr, Small Business Owner; Charlie Fink, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist; Daniel Berger, Attorney; Linda Gottlieb, Film / TV Producer; David Watson, Music Producer; Josh Kanter, Attorney; Garrett Gruener, Co-Founder / Director; and Dr. Robert Johnson, Executive Director – Institute for New Economic Thinking among others.