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September 21, 2012

Ryan Booed Loudly At AARP Conference (VIDEO)

Paul Ryan addressed the AARP's National Annual Conference in New Orleans this afternoon . . . and it didn't go well. Watch for yourself as Ryan is booed loudly while lying about the Affordable Care Act.
September 19, 2012

Texans want more clean energy

We are proud to announce that Progress Texas has joined the Clean Energy Works for Texas coalition as part of our first official environmental action. Joining with established environmental and labor groups like Public Citizen, Sierra Club, and the Texas...
September 19, 2012

"Won't Back Down" Film Pushes ALEC Parent Trigger Proposal

This blog was orginally posted on Well-funded advocates of privatizing the nation’s education system are employing a new strategy this fall to enlist support for the cause. The emotionally engaging Hollywood film “Won’t Back Down” -- set for...
September 13, 2012

New Report Lays Out 10 Ways To Rebuild the Middle Class

Progress States Network and over 20 other organizations have released a fantastic new report this morning - “10 Ways to Rebuild the Middle Class for Hard Working Americans: Making Work Pay in the 21st Century.” Here is their statement regarding the...
August 27, 2012

New HISD school bond proposal will benefit all

Good news for HISD students, teachers, and parents alike! Last Tuesday night, board members voted nearly unanimously to add a historic bond proposal to the general election ballot in November. The $1.89 billion package is the largest in Texas history, and...
August 16, 2012

9 TX Republicans, Last 3 TX Democrats Leave ALEC (Updated)

Ed. note - This post has been reflected to note that Sen. Deuell was never a member of ALEC, and therefore did not recently leave. Please see our explanation on this update at the end of this post. This year, we have worked to expose ALEC in Texas. You've...
August 2, 2012

Demand A Plan to End Gun Violence

Since the tragic shooting in Aurora, Colorado just 13 days ago, 455 Americans have been murdered with guns . While the media continues to analyze every possible motive of the gunman in Aurora, our elected officials continue to ignore the the real issue -...
August 1, 2012

All Aboard The Crazy Train

Last night with only an 8.5% turnout, Texas Republicans nominated conservative extremist Ted Cruz to be their nominee for U.S. Senate. We know the that word "extremist" gets thrown around irresponsibly by folks working in politics and that is why we don't...
July 25, 2012

How We Move Forward Is Up To You

Here at Progress Texas we are taking some time this summer to completely evaluate our organization and create a groundbreaking plan to lead this progressive community into this election season and beyond. To help us better align our efforts with your...
July 18, 2012

Another Lost Generation

The twenty-somethings are in major trouble. Youth unemployment sits at nearly 50% according to 2011 U.S. Census data. That’s correct: almost one out of two youths between the ages of 16-25 can’t find part-time or full-time work. What we are presently...
July 11, 2012

Signed Copy of "Twilight of the Elites" Could Be Yours

UPDATE (July 19, 10:01am): 3 new sustaining donors - 2 to go! If you are the 2rd you will get a signed copy of Chris Hayes' "Twilight of the Elites." UPDATE (July 12, 9:48am): 2 new sustaining donors already - 3 to go! If you are the 3rd you will get a...
July 6, 2012

2012 Texas GOP Platform: Turning Back The Clock In America

Below is a portion of a fantastic briefing paper recently released by the Texas Freedom Networks called "2012 Texas GOP Platform: Turning Back The Clock In America." Read the entire report here . The religious right's dominance over the Texas Republican...
July 3, 2012

One Little Lizard, One Big Argument

The dunes sagebrush lizard, whose habitat is part of West Texas oilfields, lost an important fight two weeks ago. In a decision wildly criticized by environmental groups in Texas, and across the country, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has decided to...
July 3, 2012

Plastic Bag Industry Threatened By 12-Year-Old

A twelve-year-old’s school project has scared the pants off the Illinois plastic industry. The industry feels so threatened by Abby Goldberg’s efforts to ban single-use plastic bags in her hometown of Grayslake, IL, that they have lobbied for (and...