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Day one of early voting broke records

October 13, 2020
Progress Texas Senior Strategist Glenn W. Smith joins FOX 7 to discuss what record-breaking early voting in Texas means for this year's election.

Why We Vote

October 13, 2020
The right to vote is a sacred right, but the fight to secure that right never ends.

Texas’ indicted Attorney General is under investigation again. Here are 7 reasons he shouldn’t be in office.

October 7, 2020
Ken Paxton should have resigned long ago. These recent allegations are just the latest in a string of corruption.

The Hyde Amendment has limited abortion rights for 44 years - it’s time to repeal it

October 7, 2020
The Hyde Amendment is one of the most harmful pieces of legislation to pass against abortion access.

John Cornyn supporters lob sexist attack at MJ Hegar for tattoo covering battle wounds

October 6, 2020
MJ Hegar is no stranger to tough fights. Misogynistic attacks on her appearance can’t take her down.

Three reasons why an Amy Coney Barrett appointment could be detrimental for Texans

October 5, 2020
Barrett’s track record is clear. Instead of fighting to open doors like RBG, she’d work to close them.

Did the Presidential debate sway any voters?

October 1, 2020
Progress Texas Executive Director Ed Espinoza joins FOX 7 to discuss if the presidential debate had an impact on who Americans will decide to vote for in November.

It’s going to take all of us to protect our vote

October 1, 2020
Sign up to be a nonpartisan Texas Poll Monitor today!

Trump's tax return bombshell

September 29, 2020
Progress Texas Senior Strategist Glenn W. Smith joins FOX 7 to discuss the recent disclosure of Trump's tax return and how the revelations will impact voters.
Trump's tax return

MJ Hegar has the record to fight military sexual assault. Cornyn, not so much.

September 29, 2020
Vanessa Guillén’s death exposed the broken system that protects perpetrators of sexual assault in the military. It’s time to bring change to the systems that failed her and so many other survivors.

Progress Texas 2020 Voter Guide

September 24, 2020
The most competitive races on the path to turning Texas blue.
Progress Texas 2020 Voter Guide

Lorenzo Sanchez is ready to flip his Texas House district

September 24, 2020
Lorenzo Sanchez is running for Texas House District 67 in Collin County, one of the nine seats Democrats need to flip the Texas House.
Lorenzo Sanchez

Today’s Texas GOP is the Party of Trump, and it will do anything to hold on to power

September 24, 2020
Republicans have no platform. Their allegiance is to Trump, and they've given up on any discernible values

Brandy Chambers is running to expand Medicaid for HD 112

September 24, 2020
Brandy Chambers is running to represent Texas House District 112, a district that Beto O'Rourke won by more than 9% in 2018. This is a flippable district this election season!
Brandy Chambers

Cornyn prefers to cheat to fill the SCOTUS vacancy instead of letting voters have a say

September 23, 2020
We need a senator who doesn’t work overtime as McConnell’s lapdog. We need MJ Hegar.

Polling shows Texas is a battleground state

September 22, 2020
Progress Texas Executive Director Ed Espinoza joins FOX 7 to why a flurry of recent polls makes Texas a battleground state and what impact replacing RGB will have on the race.

Don’t take Gov. Abbott’s pro-police posturing seriously

September 21, 2020
Abbott and other Republicans are trying desperately to distract us from their tragic public safety failures during the coronavirus pandemic.

Why is John Cornyn afraid to debate MJ Hegar?

September 21, 2020
MJ Hegar wants three debates. Cornyn has only agreed to one.

Progress Texas Happy Hour with Brandy Chambers & Lorenzo Sanchez

September 18, 2020
Join Texas House candidates Brandy Chambers (HD-112), Lorenzo Sanchez (HD-67), & Progress Texas Executive Director Ed Espinoza for a live discussion on the work to flip Texas, leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic, the power of our vote, & more.
Brandy Chambers, Lorenzo Sanchez