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Special Report: Fighting for fair and full representation in the 2020 census

July 16, 2019
Check out all of our content on the 2020 census and Trump's efforts to intimidate immigrants with citizenship data.

Heads we win, tails you lose: The high court’s attack on voters

July 15, 2019
Hard-to-meet voter ID standards, restrictive voter suppression rules, some of the most extreme gerrymandering in the nation – all have been employed by Republicans to build a wall against voters they assume will oppose them.
Voting Rights Texas

LIVE: 2020 census chat with Progress Texas

July 15, 2019
Join Progress Texas Advocacy Director Sam Robles and Communications Associate Wesley Story as they discuss the importance of the 2020 census, including the latest Supreme Court decision.
Census 2020 Texas

Abortion will be a key issue for 2020 voters

July 11, 2019
Support for abortion reaches historically high numbers in the U.S.
Abortion Texas

10 standout moments from the June #DemDebate

June 28, 2019
The biggest challenge for Democratic Presidential candidates is standing out in the crowded field.

Partisan gerrymandering undermines our democracy

June 27, 2019
The Supreme Court’s partisan gerrymandering ruling ignores basic fairness in elections.

Election 2020: Julián Castro vs. Beto O'Rourke during first Democratic debate

June 26, 2019
Progress Texas Communications Manager Tara Pohlmeyer joins KXAN, along with Texas Democratic Party Executive Director Manny Garcia, to discuss Julián Castro and Beto O'Rourke's performance and sparring during the first Democratic debate.
Election 2020 Tara Pohlmeyer

Live Analysis: Night 1 of the June Democratic Presidential Debate

June 26, 2019
Progress Texas Communications Manager Tara Pohlmeyer shares her analysis halfway through the first night of the Democratic Presidential Debate, including spotlighting abortion access for all Texans. 
Democratic Presidential Debate Night 1

Texas Face Off: Preemption and 2020 Debates

June 25, 2019
Progress Texas Advocacy Director Sam Robles joins KVUE to discuss Governor Greg Abbott's fixation on preempting localities like Austin, as well as the upcoming Democratic Presidential candidate debates.
Texas Face Off - Sam Robles

2019 Progressive Power Report

June 24, 2019
Progress Texas continues to build progressive power in Texas. This year, we fought for Texas families at the Capitol, and now we’re taking that fight into 2020.
Progressive Power Report - Progress Texas 2019

Capitol Tonight: 2020 Democratic Presidential candidates & Texas polling

June 20, 2019
Progress Texas Executive Director Ed Espinoza joins Capitol Tonight to discuss the 2020 Democratic Presidential candidates before the June DNC debates and what the latest Texas polls mean for our battleground state.
Democratic Debates and Texas

Texas Face Off: Texas is a battleground state

June 18, 2019
Progress Texas Communications Manager Tara Pohlmeyer joins KVUE's weekly segment to discuss the recent polling numbers in Texas and how Democrats are making gains.
Tara Pohlmeyer - KVUE

Poll: Texas Senator John Cornyn less popular than Ted Cruz

June 18, 2019
The 2020 election is proving that Texas is a battleground state – and that John Cornyn is under water heading into the election.

FOX 7 Discussion: Recent polls show Texas is a battleground state

June 17, 2019
Progress Texas Executive Director Ed Espinoza joins FOX 7 Austin to discuss the recent polls showing Donald Trump and John Cornyn struggling in the state.
Ed Espinoza - Polling

Supreme Court: 5 Decisions We’re Awaiting in June 2019

June 10, 2019
The Court is set to decide some really important cases these next few weeks.

FOX 7 Discussion: Gov. Greg Abbott's office called for voter purge

June 5, 2019
Juliet Barbara, Communications Director at Workers Defense Action Fund, joins FOX 7 Austin to discuss the news that Governor Greg Abbott’s office issued the order to purge nearly 100,000 Texas voters from the voter rolls, carried out by then-nominee for Secretary of State, David Whitley. 
Juliet Barbara - Workers Defense Action Fund

Texas Face Off: A blue state in 2020

June 4, 2019
Royce Brooks, Executive Director of Annie's List, joins KVUE to talk about what Texans can expect to see for the 2020 election and months leading up to it.
Texas Face Off - Royce Brooks

How progressives won the 2019 Texas Legislative Session

June 3, 2019
Because of your votes during the 2018 midterms, we made progress from voting rights, to abortion access, to health care.