Woohoo! Bill to cut early-voting period likely to be pulled

Woohoo! HB 2093 - that would have cut early voting - will likely be pulled according to the Texas Tribune:

A bill that would slash the number of days allowed for early voting is likely to be pulled after scathing testimony Monday from opponents who said the bill was discriminatory and retrogressive.

House Bill 2093, by state Rep. Patricia Harless, R-Spring, would limit the early-voting period in Texas to seven days before general and primary elections. Current law mandates 12 days.

Harless initially said the measure was necessary to help elections administrators hire workers and volunteers, saying that a 12-day early-voting period as a possible deterrent.

But after testimony at Monday's House Elections Committee hearing, where critics slammed its intent as little more than an effort to make casting a ballot harder for everyone, Harless said she would not ask the committee for a vote.

On Monday, Progress Texas and over 30 other groups delivered a letter to the Texas House Elections Committee opposing SB 2093. See the letter below: