URGENT Tell Your Texas Senator to Vote NO on the Texas Budget

The Texas Senate is going to vote Today to consider the first draft of the Texas budget. In it's current draft, the bill currently fails to invest in the future of Texas. This budget fails to restore the devastating cuts made to education in 2011, it fails to provide any funding for expanding Medicaid, and it needlessly leaves billions in unspent revenue on the table instead of investing in future generations of Texans.

We don't have time for a flashy petition or for an email they might not see in time - we need you to make phone calls right now!

If you can, please take just a moment to contact your State Senator and tell them to vote no on the current draft of the budget. Here's what to say:

My name is ____________. I live in Senator ____________'s district, and I'm calling to urge the Senator to vote NO on the Texas budget. The budget barely restores 1/4 of the cuts to education made in 2011, fails to provide any funding for expanding Medicaid and does not spend the money available to pay for essential services and infrastructure.

We need to invest in the future of Texas. I hope Senator __________ votes NO on the budget and stands strong for the full restoration of public education funds, for the expansion of Medicaid, and for a budget that doesn't needlessly leave billions of money on the table.

You can find the phone number for your Senator by looking it up here.

Thank you for your urgent action - and be sure to let us know what your Senators tell you.

It is critical to know this is just the first major vote since the bill was in committee. There is still time to make this bill better and we plan to hold our elected leaders accountable during every critical step of this process. Sadly, if we don't make our voice heard now, our lawmakers and elected leaders may think this bill is good enough or that they can avoid public attention. Call now, and make sure they know you are watching and you demand a strong budget for a strong future. This bill, as drafted, doesn't do that.