Dumb and Dumber: Top 10 Worst Texans of 2013

Top 10 Worst Texans of 2013

During the holidays there are people who are nice, people who are naughty, and then there are these people. These are the people we have to fight - help us keep up the fight in 2014!

  1. Congressman Randy Neugebauer

    After voting to recklessly shutdown the government, Rep. Neugebauer decided he should head down to the WWII Memorial and berate a Park Service Ranger - telling her she should be "ashamed" of herself for doing her job. Seeing the irony in his gesture, he later apologized.

  2. Texas Railroad Commissioner Barry Smitherman

    Calling for the hanging of elected officials? Sadly, this only gets you #9 on this list.

  3. State Representative Jodie Laubenberg

    "You have hospital emergency rooms. We have funded what's called rape kits, that will help the women. It's basically cleaning her out. And then hopefully that will alleviate that."

    THESE PEOPLE WRITE OUR LAWS?? Oh, never mind, silly me. They don't do that - ALEC does it for them.

  4. Senator John Cornyn

    John Cornyn

    Terrified of a Tea Party primary (and he just got one!), Texas' Junior Senator (in practice) John Cornyn did his best Ted Cruz impersonation in 2013. Some of his lowlights include:

  5. Macy's

    Macy's Boycott

    Mitt Romney and the US Supreme Court believe corporations are people. So congratulations Macy's - you're a person and made our list! Just not the sort of person we want to spend our holidays with...

    For those unfamiliar, earlier this year Macy's signed a letter urging Governor Rick Perry to veto the Texas equal pay law, which he eventually did. The bill was written by Senator Wendy Davis and Representative Senfronia Thompson and approved by the Texas Legislature. This law would have given legal standing in state courts to women who are paid less for doing the same job as a man.

  6. Congressman Blake Farenthold

    *Note: Yes, this is an actual picture of Rep. Blake Farenthold...on the right*

    Rep. Blake Farenthold - aka "Congressman Ducky Pajamas" - gave us several gems this year. Among them was his vote to cut food stamps for the needy after this millionaire accepted farm subsidies, and his assertion that veterans need to sacrifice a bit more for the government.

    But the cherry on the cake of his year may very well be an appearance on MSNBC to defend the GOP government shutdown. During the interview Farenthold claimed the shutdown would be "like a paid vacation" for government employees. Either Blake Farenthold takes the worst vacations in history, or he is an idiot. We will go with the latter.

  7. Governor Rick Perry

    He might have been in contention for the #1 spot, but he did announce his retirement. So that was a positive! As for the bad in 2013...

  8. Lt. Governor David Dewhurst

    Ted Cruz

    *Note: Not actually a picture of Lt. Governor David Dewhurst*

    Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst - whose winning personality makes Mitt Romney seem hip - spent 2013 desperately attempting to prove his conservative credentials. After being embarrassed by Ted Cruz in 2012 and terrified of Senator Dan Patrick, Dewhurst spent 2013 fighting women, insulting veterans, and being generally disliked by folks of all political persuasions. Who does like Dewhurst?

    His lowlights of 2013 include:

  9. Senator Ted Cruz

    Seriously, do we really need to explain this one? Here is a short summary of some of the worst Ted Cruz moments in 2013:

  10. Attorney General Greg Abbott

    Attempting to ride the coattails of the worst Governor in Texas history, Greg Abbott has been busy in 2013. While he doesn't have the national recognition of Ted Cruz and Rick Perry, his actions have been just as extreme and devastating to our state.

    So congratulation to Greg Abbott - Progress Texas' Worst Texan of 2013!