Textbook Publishers Push Back Against SBOE's Phony Science

The Texas Education Agency recently released to the public the proposed changes made by textbook publishers that reflect resistance from the pressures to include creationist type arguments in public high school science textbooks.

The Texas Freedom Network released a press statement yesterday stating:

“This is a very welcome development for everyone who opposes teaching phony science about evolution in our kid’s public schools,” Texas Freedom Network President Kathy Miller said.

“Texas parents can applaud these publishers for standing up to pressure from politicians and activists who want to put their personal beliefs ahead of giving Texas students a 21st-century science education.”  

The TFN Insider Blog continued:

"...this battle isn’t over yet. The State Board of Education still must vote to adopt these new textbooks and other instructional materials, which will be classrooms for up to a decade. In past years, ideologues on the state board have refused to adopt textbooks simply because they have political objections to factual content. So in the weeks leading up to the state board’s final vote on November 22, it’s important that we keep fighting to prevent right-wing politicians from putting their personal agendas ahead of the education of millions of Texas kids." 

While it is one thing to deny science, what is even harder to understand is that an appointed citizens review of non-science experts gets the authority to negotiate and review science textbooks that will be used in Texas public schools for the next decade.

Arturo De Lozanne, an associate professor in molecular cell and developmental biology at the University of Texas at Austin told this to TFN:

"The anti-evolution arguments promoted by the textbook reviewers are based on claims that scientists have shown to be false or simply have no place in a science textbook," said De Lozanne. 

“If we want Texas kids to be competitive nationally, we have to ensure that what they learn in their high school classrooms is based on facts, not ideology. Having said that, it’s remarkable and distressing that some folks are still arguing over what really is established, mainstream science.”

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