Texas Democratic Party Convention 2024, Progressive Certified Candidates

Certified Progressive Badge
The progressive picks for state and national party races.

Progress Texas has built the largest online community of progressives from across the state — Texans who share and stand up for bold progressive values. Together, we are building a statewide movement to fight for the future of our state. Electing progressives to office at every level of government across Texas is critical in helping us get there.

We want to ensure that candidates who share our progressive values get elected — particularly in the most competitive districts. So, we created a questionnaire for candidates to support, to build a cohesive movement on the issues that matter most. These are the candidates who are Certified Progressives!

DNC (At Large)

  • Laura Odom for At Large
  • Sheena King for At Large
  • Senfronia Thompson for Black Caucus
  • Jesus Salgado-Ramos for Hispanic Caucus
  • Celina Vasquez for Hispanic Caucus
  • Skylar Walker for Stonewall Caucus
  • Jeff Strater for Stonewall Caucus
  • Kerrigan Sanders for Rural Caucus


  • Jeremy Sutka for SDEC CD3
  • Nathan Clark for SDEC CD4
  • Jasmine Khademakbari for SDEC CD7
  • Angela Williams for SDEC CD8
  • Judy LeUnes for SDEC CD10
  • Anthony Rojas for SDEC CD12
  • Laurel T. McLeaish for SDEC CD15
  • Tim McDaniel for SDEC CD16
  • Bart Ewald for SDEC CD17
  • Bently Paiz for SDEC CD21
  • Andres Lopez for SDEC CD21
  • Claudia Zapata for SDEC CD21
  • Mohammad “Jazz” Aijaz for SDEC CD22
  • Wesley Lawrence for SDEC CD23
  • Nicolette Ardiente for SDEC CD23
  • Mirian Spencer Morrison SDEC CD25
  • Joshua Garcia for SDEC CD28
  • Stevie Howat for SDEC CD32
  • Kevin Felder for SDEC CD32
  • Passion Jackson for SDEC CD32
  • Kolby Duhon for SDEC CD35
  • Jen Ramos for SDEC CD35
  • Rhett Dobberstein for SDEC CD36
  • April Dobberstein for SDEC CD36
  • Ash Hall for SDEC CD37

SDEC (Caucus)

  • Daniel Ayala for President of Texas Environmental Caucus
  • Robert Vargas for President of Texas Stonewall Democrats
  • Mo Jenkins for Vice President of Texas Stonewall Democrats 
  • Wesley Lawrence for Secretary of Texas Stonewall Democrats 

Nominations (DNC)

  • Susie Hess for CD5
  • Mo Jenkins for CD18
  • Kevin Felder for CD32
  • CJ Cetina for CD35

National Delegate 

  • Sheena King for National Delegate CD2
  • Tracy Jay Miller for National Delegate CD5
  • Ross Trivisonno for National Delegate CD7
  • Gerald Spurbeck for National Delegate CD8
  • Laurel T. McLeaish for National Delegate CD15
  • Mo Jenkins for National Delegate CD18
  • Gabrien Gregory for National Delegate CD21
  • Kevin Felder for National Delegate CD32
  • Skylar Walker for National Delegate CD36
  • Steven Apodaca for National Delegate CD37
  • Justin Parker for National Delegate CD37

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