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Ted Cruz Wants to Keep Texas the Worst Place in Country for Health Care Coverage

Sen. Ted Cruz began a fake-filibuster today, supporting (or is it blocking?) legislation to defund the Affordable Care Act. Last week Congress passed a budget that will fund the government but only if Obamacare is defunded. It was passed on a mostly party-line votes, with one Republican voting no (Wolf from Virginia) and two Democrats voting for it (Matheson from Utah, one other from North Carolina).

Texas is home to 22 of the 30 counties that will be helped most by the Affordable Care Act. Below is a table listing these 22 counties, the members representing them, and how they voted.
ACA Vote Chart
A total of 13 Republicans and 5 Democrats represent these 22 counties, with all Republicans voting to kill the ACA and all Democrats voting to protect it.