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Over 2/3 of U.S. Counties That Benefit the Most From ACA Are in Texas

Texas conservatives are jeopardizing our health care for millions of Texans -- as well as lower property taxes for those who already have health coverage -- just to score political points in their Tea Party primaries. Threats by Senator Ted Cruz to shut down the government over the Affordable Care Act demonstrate an obscene disregard for the well-being of millions of Texans.

Texas is home to 22 of the 30 counties in the entire United States that would benefit the most from full implementation of the Affordable Care Act, according to an excellent new report released today by the Center for American Progress. The report details how the Affordable Care Act is helping Americans, and provides an analysis of which counties need the most help and would benefit the most from the health care law - the vast majority of which are right here at home.

From the report:

Despite all the ways the individuals who currently lack health care coverage would benefit from access to affordable, quality health care coverage because of the health care law, many congressional leaders are actively fighting to defeat the law instead of helping their constituents access the coverage and benefits they need to 
live healthy lives.
The list below represents 30 of some of the worst counties in America when it comes to the percentage of uninsured individuals and health-related outcomes. These counties appear most frequently on the top 200 lists of worst counties in the country based on the following factors: 
  • Highest overall percentage of uninsured individuals 
  • Highest percentage of uninsured women
  • Highest percentage of uninsured individuals ages 18 to 39 
  • Highest percentage of uninsured young men 
  • Highest percentage of uninsured people of color
  • Highest percentage of uninsured working-class individuals

The 22 Texas counties - each of which has a population over 25,000 - that stand to benefit the most are below. Click on the links for selected counties to read individual fact sheets about those counties, courtesy of the Center for American Progress:

Burnet  ♦   Cameron  ♦   Cherokee  ♦   Cooke  ♦   Dallas  ♦   Ector  ♦   El Paso
Henderson  ♦   Hidalgo  ♦   Hopkins  ♦   Kerr  ♦   Matagorda  ♦   Maverick  ♦   Navarro
Polk  ♦   Potter  ♦   Starr  ♦   Titus  ♦   Val Verde  ♦   Waller  ♦   Webb   ♦   Wharton

The report was picked up in Texas media:

Browse the full report below for details about how those counties rank compared to other counties across the country.

CAP Report - Counties That Need ACA the Most