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Ted Cruz' complaint about Obamacare falls flat

Ted Cruz Helps Democrats Take Back the U.S. Senate

Thanks to the efforts of Ted Cruz, Democrats chances of taking back the Senate just got a lot better.

On Tuesday, U.S. Senate candidate Darryl Glenn won the Colorado Republican primary. His unlikely victory came following an event hosted by Texas Senator Ted Cruz – but Republicans nationwide aren’t celebrating.

The U.S. Senate race in Colorado was supposed to be one of a few seats the GOP could flip from Democrats in the November elections.  Now, the Washington Post is reporting that national Republicans think Cruz’s hand-picked candidate has zero chance of winning, writing that:

  • “[Glenn] Leaves national Republicans with a bad taste in their mouths”
  • “Senate Republicans are basically writing off Colorado”
  • “A key Republican super PAC just reserved $40 million in air time for key Senate races; Colorado wasn't on the list”

Progress Texas Executive Director Ed Espinoza released the following statement:

“Democrats have a great chance to win a U.S. Senate majority now that Ted Cruz helped a Donald Drumpf-loving candidate win a Colorado primary. That candidate has no chance of winning a general election and this morning national Republicans have written-off the race.

It's not often I get to do this but I'm offering a sincere thank you to Ted Cruz!"