Tea Party Congressman: End Social Security, Medicare, and Retirement

There's been a lot of stories in the news about Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's comments about how 47% of Americans think they are victims, rely too much on government, and don't pay taxes. Romney has been hammered for his statements - and rightly so - but right here in Texas, your Congressman has come out with an even more extreme point of view.

A newly released video caught Texas Tea Party Congressman Quico Canseco telling an audience, "I don't believe in retirement."  (See below for the video)

Congressman Canseco may not believe in retirement, but look at what he does believe:

  • Canseco believes social security should be privatized
  • Canseco believes Medicare should be turned into a voucher program
  • Canseco believes half of Americans pay nothing in taxes

In the coming weeks, as the election draws near, we'll be building a page on our website that collects all the crazy things Canseco is saying, and all the terrible votes he's cast in Congress. But the news about Canseco's views on retirement just came out, and we couldn't wait to share this latest information with you.