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Strong Grassroots Fundraising for Wendy Davis

A new report released by Texans for Public Justice shows that Wendy Davis has raised $1.3 million since May 22nd - almost 50%  from donations of $100 or less. Here is the report:

Capitalizing on national publicity surrounding her abortion - bill filibuster, Senator Wendy Davis has done what few, if any, Texas politicians have accomplished: raised real money from the little people.

Since May 27 Davis raised $1.3 million , collecting almost half of it in grassroots contributions of $100 or less. This may be unprecedented in Texas, where deep - pocketed kingmakers bankroll candidates facing no contribution limits. Checks worth $10,000 or more accounted for just 18 percent of Davis’ recent haul.

The table below compares Davis’ recent fundraising to the money that Texas’ nine statewide officials raised in the 2012 election cycle . None of them obtained more than 2 percent of their money in contributions of $100 or less.