Stop the Texas 'Slow Down the Vote' bill

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Michael Stravato for The Texas Tribune
Anti-voter bill SB 9 would make voting more difficult in our great state.

Texas has been long known for being one of the lowest voter turnout states in America, but experienced historic turnout in 2018.

Now, some legislators are backing a bill that would effectively slow turnout again if passed.

The "Slow Down the Vote" bill, known as SB 9, proposes a long list of changes to state voter laws, some of which could make access to the polls more difficult for our friends and neighbors. Some of the items include:

  • Require people giving rides to the polls to sign sworn affidavits

  • Make it harder for people with disabilities to receive assistance at polls

  • Make it harder for some people to vote by mail

  • Take away the safe harbor to cast a provisional ballot

  • Allow registrars to reject voter registrations if any item is left blank

  • Allow campaigns to observe voters who require assistance

  • Allow the currently indicted Attorney General direct access to the state voter registration database

  • Allow the Secretary of State to share voter Social Security numbers with other states and jurisdictions

  • Create a mandate that countywide polling places be located within 3 miles of every registered voter, but only for the five most populous counties

We've previously written on the dangers of this bill, as have our friends at the Texas Civil Rights Project. The bill passed the Texas Senate in March and is on its way to the House.

We still have time to do something about it! Here's what you can do to stop this dangerous bill:

  1. Sign our petition to tell lawmakers to vote no on this anti-voter bill.
  2. Share this article and let people in your community know what's at stake.

Voting is our right and as one of the lowest voter turnout states in America, we should be doing everything we can to increase turnout – not the opposite.