Rick Perry May Veto Public Integrity Unit Money to Shut Down the Criminal CPRIT Investigation

Texas' Public Integrity Unit exists to investigate insurance fraud, corrupt elected officials, and tax evaders. Rick Perry wants to veto funding for the Public Integrity Unit to try and shut down the criminal CPRIT investigation by vetoing funds for the Travis County Public Integrity Unit. The criminal investigation is looking at the diversion of state cancer money to Perry cronies.

Governor Perry would want nothing more than the CPRIT investigation to go away. From the Texas Tribune:

The deadline to veto bills, including line items in the state budget, is this weekend. Perry spokeswoman Allison Castle said the governor's office is "going through the budget line by line, and the governor has deep concerns over the integrity of the Public Integrity Unit." 

Some Republicans have raised concerns for years that the public integrity unit is in Travis County, a Democratic stronghold. They've accused it of being a politically charged operation, and its funding has been a political football under both Lehmberg and her predecessor, Ronnie Earle

Governor Perry has deep concerns about the Public Integrity Unit, alright. If I was under criminal investigation by the state for the diversion of cancer dollars to my donors, I'd want to shut it down, too - especially if I was considering another run for President.