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How to Vote in Texas, Register to Vote in Texas, and Where to Vote in Texas

In Response to Texas GOP Lies About Voter ID, Progress Texas Launches

Visit to learn how to register, where to vote, and get all your voting questions answered.

The illegal voter suppression schemes of Gov. Greg Abbott and Attorney General Ken Paxton never end, despite federal court orders. Most recently, they were caught sending false information to election administrators ahead of the November 2016 election, defying court instructions.

To combat the misinformation from Texas Republicans and to help ensure every Texan knows their voting rights – and how easy it can be to exercise that right – we’re announcing the launch of a brand new website:

Visit - and tell your friends to visit - to learn how to register, where to vote, and answer your questions about voter ID.

The one-stop website focuses on three easy topics:

  1. Voter Registration - including a form you can fill out and print right on the website
  2. Voting Locations
  3. FAQs about voter ID

Our Executive Director, Ed Espinoza, repleased the following statement about the site:

We created the nonpartisan website to help every Texan learn how easy it is to vote. Republicans refuse to accurately inform Texans of their voting rights, so we’re doing it for them.

The state defied a court order requiring Texas to better inform citizens on voting procedures – it’s scandalous that the Republicans in charge keep trying to confuse voters and make this basic right seem difficult to exercise.