Progress Texas 2015 Constitutional Ballot Guide

Ballot Guide

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Voting is our right, and one we must exercise with responsibility. That’s why we have put together this simple yet informative voter guide about the seven constitutional amendments on our 2015 statewide ballot.

Since the Texas Constitution was adopted in 1876, voters have authorized 484 separate constitutional amendments. The last 10 amendments, in the 2013 and 2014 elections, passed with an average support of 77%; however, that support only came from the 8-9% of registered voters that actually showed up to the polls. That’s (sadly) about what you’d expect from a state that ranks so poorly in voter turnout.

But not you – you’re going to vote! So bring your ID to the polls, take this voter guide with you, and show off that “I Voted” sticker to your friends, family and co-workers. Remember that our voter ID laws are still in place: visit to make sure you have the right ID you need to vote.

Download: 2015 Progress Texas Constitutional Amendment Ballot Guide