Presidential Debate Bingo!

Biden Bingo
Riddled With Undertones of Democracy, Drama, and Decency v. Danger

You might be wondering why we are proposing a game for a serious political affair. Well, if you’re on summer break and hanging out with your MAGA uncle, it’s time to burn off some steam, or if you’re introducing presidential debates to your fun younger cousin and first time voter, we’re here to help. Yes, this bingo game isn’t just for teachers and students, it’s fun for the whole family and an interactive way to enjoy the debate with friends, while directing some not so easy conversations into action. As Oxfam put it best, “This is a game. Our election is not. Go vote!” 

Download Presidential Debate Bingo


With that said, the team at Progress Texas has put together a collection of Bingo spaces with phrases and words bound to be spoken by those vying for the nation’s highest office. Look out for Biden's policy insights and witty comebacks, Trump's fact-check fails, and those inevitable interruptions. Our intentions are to have fun, but also thoughtful in order to start meaningful conversations. Corruption and chaos agent, now convicted felon, Donald Trump cannot be allowed to take a seat in the Oval Office ever again. From extremist abortion bans and period and pregnancy tracking, to rolling back voting rights and exacerbating the climate crisis, we need leadership who will provide programs to move the nation forward, rather than a 1950’s regressive nightmare. 

So pour the punch, grab your favorite snacks, and let’s have fun while making progressive wins a reality!

Pre-party prep: