Poll: Texans Support Family Planning And Access To Birth Control

A new statewide poll released today by the Texas Freedom Network Education Fund shows broad support in Texas for state-funded family planning services and women's access to birth control. According to the poll, majorities also oppose the deep funding cuts made by state lawmakers to family planning programs in 2011, and they oppose allowing bosses to deny their workers health care coverage for birth control.

Some keys numbers from the poll:

How important is it to you that Texas women have access to family planning and birth control, regardless of income? (Numbers are rounded.)

Extremely/Very             68%

Little/Not at all              30%

Do you favor or oppose providing state-funded family planning services, including birth control, for low-income women? (Numbers are rounded.)

Strongly/Somewhat favor         73%

Somewhat/strongly oppose      25%

You might be surprised who supports state funding for birth control for low-income women in Texas.

77% of Hispanics

69% of Republican women

70% of Catholics

85% of young people

66% of born-again Christians

Hispanic Texans support birth control.

79% favor making it accessible to all women

77% support state funding to make it accessible

63% oppose the 2011 state cuts to family planning budgets

70% oppose excluding birth control from insurance coverage

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