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Over 15,000 Stand with Ahmed

We asked. You delivered.

On Friday, September 18th, activists led by Progress Texas subscriber Kathleen Thompson delivered over 15,000 #iStandWithAhmed petition signatures to Irving Independent School District officials calling for the reversal of 9th grader Ahmed's suspension and to publicly apologize to the Mohamed family, and to reevaluate disciplinary policies. 

The drop-off was covered by every major TV station in the Dallas-Fort Worth area (see below for news clips) as well as various national news outlets.

The numbers are so impressive, I just have to share them with you:

Campaign by the numbers:

  • Over 15,000 petition signatures (70% from Texas!)
  • Over 40 TV news stories reaching an estimated 1.27 million viewers
  • Dozens of national stories, including an AP story with 12 million hits
  • Over 30,000 engagements on Facebook and millions of impressions
  • Nearly 1,000 tweets of support 


Because you spoke up for Ahmed, and stood against discrimination of all kinds, the Irving ISD heard you loud and clear.

Here are some of the best clips from the petition drop-off: