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Our Clean Energy Works for Texas Campaign at Renewable Roundup

We're asking for the PUC to simply adopt a rule that creates the solar market in Texas.

Every year in Fredericksburg, Texas, dozens of nonprofits and businesses alike get together for the Renewable Energy Roundup & Green Living Fair in Fredericksburg, Texas. I went to volunteer this year with partner organizations who are working with us on our Clean Energy Works for Texas campaign.

Over 900,000 Texans are unemployed. Installation of solar photovoltaic panels and other renewable energy generation can't be outsourced, especially not when Texas ranks 1st in potential for solar energy production. We can be a leader in developing solar and geothermal resources, and draw manufacturing facilities to our state. Beyond the jobs impact, a real solar energy market in Texas will dramatically help consumers reduce their energy costs by as much as $520 million a year!

Our petition is simple: the Public Utility Commission was tasked by the Texas Legislature, in 2005, to adopt rules that would create a solar market in Texas by requiring that a certain amount of energy come from renewable energy sources other than wind. They've done a great job with wind energy production, but done nothing with solar, geothermal, and other non-wind renewable energy sources. We're asking for the PUC not to hand out subsidies or give anyone a tax credit, but to simply adopt a rule that creates the solar market in Texas.

Together, we can help expand the solar and renewable energy market in our state, which will help bring good jobs to our state while improving the environment. Sign our petition today and help get the word out to your fellow Texans!