The NRA is out of step with Texan's Views on Gun Safety

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Dallas Hosts Annual NRA Convention

Toplines & Key Facts:

  • Texas hosts NRA Convention
  • Convicted murderer, Daniel Perry, pardoned before convention with restored right to arms
  • Gun show loophole rule in limbo 
  • Send thoughts and prayers to the ballot box 

Inside The NRA Convention

Texas was the site of the National Rifle Association (NRA) Convention for 2024, and this year’s event produced a plethora of nothing productive. The central theme was activating voters among firearms enthusiasts for conservative candidates, mentioned in both Republican presidential nominee and current criminal defendant Donald Trump’s address, and Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s. Red Trump ball caps and clothing adorned with highly flattering depictions of the former President’s physique were more or less the standard uniform of the attendees. 

The NRA has endorsed Trump against President Joe Biden. During the convention, Abbott touted his hard work in protecting gun owners from responsibility for any harm accidentally caused by their weapons in last year’s HB 3137, which prohibits local governments from requiring firearm owners to buy liability insurance. He also applauded the recent police crackdowns on Pro-Palestinian protestors at UT, now apparently a gun extremists’ issue. 

“Donald Trump and Texas Republicans made the gun violence epidemic worse, especially in our state, where we have seen nine mass shootings just in the last 15 years. Even after Uvalde parents pleaded with Greg Abbott and Ted Cruz for common sense gun safety laws, they decided, like Trump, that the NRA and gun lobby was more important.” — ​​Gilberto Hinojosa, Texas Democratic Party Chair

Daniel Perry’s Political Pardon

More than a year after a Travis County jury convicted Daniel Perry to 25 years in prison for murdering Garrett Foster, a Black Lives Matter protester, Gov. Abbott pardoned him with a restored right to arms. This was announced shortly after the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles, appointed by Abbott, recommended a full pardon and was just days before the NRA convention was held, which may reveal the real reason for Abbott’s inexplicable license to kill.

Gun Loophole

While Abbott champions unforgivable pardons and unregulated guns, Federal Judge Matthew Kascmaryk, showed up and out with more MAGA conservative inhumanity. He has blocked the Biden administration from fully implementing a new rule that would require gun dealers to obtain licenses and conduct background checks when selling firearms at gun shows and online. This is a move that threatens lives, and makes it all the more easy to obtain deadly weapons.

The May 19 ruling came days ahead of the rule going into effect on May 23. Kacsmaryk is the lone active judge in Amarillo, and his courthouse has become a favored venue for conservative litigants challenging federal government policies during President Biden's tenure. The ruling blocking the new gun show loophole rule is in effect until June 2 pending further litigation.

Thoughts and Prayers at The Ballot Box

Former Congresswoman and founder of GIFFORDS, a gun violence prevention organization, Gabby Giffords launched GIFFORDS Texas to join the fight for common sense gun safety legislation in the Lone Star State. GIFFORDS Texas was also outside of the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center rallying in support of the vast majority of Texans that want gun safety laws. 

This new addition to the fight against the heavy burden of unregulated guns, joining partners like Texas Gun Sense, will strengthen our community ties, and bring us closer to regulated, safer gun policies. Our elections are about more than democracy, they are about the safety of our children, parents, friends, and loved ones feeling safe at the store, houses of worship, and wherever they go. We must take our thoughts and prayers to the ballot box this November, and vote for an administration that will put the safety of our country first.


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