Is Greg Abbott the Invisible Man?

UPDATE! Abbott just backed out of the only debate that was scheduled for live TV!

This close to an election — just over 60 days until November 4th — the omnipresence of gubernatorial candidates flexing their political might would typically be in full swing. But not Greg Abbott.

The Attorney General has been MIA for the month of August. He's become so quiet, we’re starting to wonder if he may be the Invisible Man.

In the months leading up to August, Abbott did a minimal number of public events— mainly press releases, and pay-to-enter or membership based events (because for Abbott, government isn’t for the many)— but he's since fallen silent. Meanwhile, Wendy Davis has done 80+ events as of late, most of which are at no cost to those who attend.

Although Abbott’s presence is never sorely missed, it’s troubling that our Attorney General is ducking the public on important issues:

These are important issues that raise serious questions. Why is Greg Abbott ducking them?