Greg Abbott is Campaigning With a Sexual Predator

Greg Abbott is campaigning with a sexual predator. Seriously.

This week Abbott will hit the campaign trail with unapologetic sexual predator Ted Nugent. This comes just weeks after Abbott touted policies aimed at targeting sexual predators. The clip below, produced by Lone Star Project, shows Nugent nochalantly talking about his past:

From the Lone Star Project:

Ted Nugent has confirmed his many sexual encounters with underage girls and brags about his skill at talking their parents into trusting him with their young daughters. He convinced the mother of an underage teen girl to give him custody of her daughter so that Nugent could travel with her, and continue using her sexually, without inviting suspicion or scrutiny.

The news brought swift concern from the press:

And that's just part of the Ted Nugent crazy. Last week Media Matters highlighted 10 Misogynist Attacks From Ted Nugent, Greg Abbott's New Surrogate (NSFW).
Just another reminder why Greg Abbott is wrong for Texas.


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