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Empower our progressive movement

UPDATE 3/15: We are up to 116 sustaining donors and are now only 9 away from our goal of 125!

Did you know over 100 fellow Progress Texas members give a few dollars to the work we do together every month? Because of those consistent gifts, we can make big plans. It may not seem like much, but a few dollars a month empowers our community in untold ways. Sustaining donors give us the resources to launch petitions, set up phone banks, and print materials when we need to organize and testify at all levels of government. Monthly giving allows us to launch statewide campaigns, do local trainings, and host special events.

That's why I am asking if you can join the over 100 sustaining donors throughout Texas by chipping in a few dollars every month and empower our progressive movement.




No matter what you can give, it makes a difference. You are joining-like minded Progress Texas members, and the collective support we receive is massive. Know your monthly support, even a few dollars, is amplified by 102 fellow progressives. Those dollars add up to make a huge impact!

Your monthly gift shows that we are ready to fight Texas' conservative majority in the House and Senate and we are all ready to fight in 2013 and beyond. That's why we need your support.

Help us get to 125 total sustaining givers right now. We are just 23 away. Any gift, at any level, makes a difference.

I hope we can count on your support.

Can't give a little every month? Feel free to make a one time donation and help support our work.