19 State Reps send letter to DMV opposing Confederate flag license plate

Earlier this week 19 members of the Texas House of Representatives sent the following letter to the Board of the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles expressing their opposition to the issuance of specialty license plates displaying the Confederate flag:

"It is our understanding that The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles will soon reconsider the issuance of a new, specialty license plate that displays the Confederate flag. The undersigned are deeply troubled by this prospect and write to you today to urge you to vote against issuing this license plate.

As you are undoubtedly aware, the Confederate flag is no ordinary symbol. It is one that invokes the defense of an institution rooted in hatred, violence, and oppression. It is a chapter in our state's, and our country's, history that we must remember, but only for the sake of ensuring that it is never again repeated. At best, displaying this inflammatory symbol on state-sanctioned license plates is insensitive, and serves only to alienate and divide. At worst, it communicates that we, as a state, condone the kind of injustices the flag symbolizes and that we fought so hard to leave behind.

From jobs to schools to budget strains to drought, Texas faces great challenges today. We hope you will join us in seeking that which empowers and unites us to overcome these challenges, together, rather than dredging up painful reminders that serve only to inflame and divide."

Progress Texas applauds the following State Representatives for standing up and opposing this racist symbol.

Rep. Lon Burnam HD90
Rep. Marc Veasey HD 95
Rep. Roland Gutierrez HD 119
Rep. Scott Hochberg HD 137
Rep. Joe Farias HD 118
Rep. Armando Walle HD 140
Rep. Sergio Muñoz, Jr. HD 36
Rep. Ron Reynolds HD 27
Rep. Naomi Gonzalez HD 76
Rep. Elliot Naishtat HD 49
Rep. Dawnna Dukes HD 46
Rep. Garnet Coleman HD 147
Rep. Eric Johnson HD 100
Rep. Alma Allen HD 131
Rep. Armando Martinez HD 39
Rep. Borris Miles HD 146
Rep. Hubert Vo HD 149
Rep. Rafael Anchia HD 103
Rep. Carol Alvarado HD 145