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Boycott Macy's

May 9, 2014

Support Moms: Boycott Macy’s Mother’s Day Sale

Last summer, Gov. Rick Perry— at Macy’s urging —vetoed the bipartisan Texas Equal Pay Act sponsored by Sen. Wendy Davis and Rep. Senfronia Thompson. Macy’s and Gov. Perry aren’t the only ones trying to make it harder for working moms and families in Texas...
November 20, 2013

Boycott Macy's On Black Friday

Earlier this year Macy's signed a letter ( read the letter here - see Page 3 of PDF ) to Governor Rick Perry urging him to veto the equal pay law, HB 950. The bill was written by Senator Wendy Davis and Representative Senfronia Thompson and approved by...
August 27, 2013

Macy's Boycott - Update

We're writing to say thank you . Nearly 10,000 of you supported our boycott of the Macy's back-to-school sale this month. As you may recall, this boycott was in response to news that Macy's signed a letter asking Gov. Rick Perry to veto the Texas Equal...