Boycott Macy's On Black Friday

Earlier this year Macy's signed a letter (read the letter here - see Page 3 of PDF) to Governor Rick Perry urging him to veto the equal pay law, HB 950. The bill was written by Senator Wendy Davis and Representative Senfronia Thompson and approved by the Texas Legislature. This law would have given legal standing to women who are paid less for doing the same job as a man.

Rick Perry went on to veto the equal pay law, claiming the bill duplicated existing law - it does not. And Attorney General Greg Abbott has remained silent on the issue.

Send a message to Macy's by boycotting the store's Black Friday sale during the Thanksgiving weekend. Sign your name and pledge to boycott Macy's on Black Friday until they admit it was wrong to sign the letter, and that they will not oppose future equal pay law efforts.

I will not shop at Macy's on Black Friday because they urged Governor Rick Perry to veto the equal pay law, HB 950.

Background on House Bill 950 + Perry's Veto

During the regular session of the 83rd Texas Legislature, Democrat Senator Wendy Davis and Democrat Representative Senfronia Thompson authored and passed House Bill 950, which gives legal standing to women who are paid less for doing the same job as a man.
On Friday June 14th, Governor Rick Perry vetoed House Bill 950. As the Houston Chronicle reported ("Perry vetoed wage bill after getting letters from retailers"), Governor Perry was urged by retailers such as Macy's and Kroger in a letter to veto the bill - which he ultimately did. Perry's veto statement inaccurately stated that House Bill 950 "duplicates federal law" - which it doesn't. Both the Fort Worth Court of Appeals and the Texas Supreme Court have stated that the Texas law is necessary. 

The Houston Chronicle has released a copy of the letter signed by Macy's - click here to view it

To learn more about why Governor Perry, Macy's and Kroger are wrong to say the Equal Pay Act duplicates federal law, please read our memo below.

Click here for more information about our previous campaign this summer against Macy's.