Any time a bright idea comes springing from the Republican-led Texas Legislature, alarm bells should go off for Texas progressives - and newly-created elected positions of oversight for county appraisal districts are certainly no exception. Should the GOP succeed in their plans to monkey-wrench the tax apprasal processes of large (and generally Democratically-run) cities, you can count on them to create as much havoc for us, and as much profit for themselves, as humanly possible. Which is why we've invited two Democrats and longtime PT partners running for these important seats to explain what all of this means, and why it's so important to vote in EVERY election - even the ones that seem vague and unimportant (there's no such thing)! Dick Lavine is endorsed by Progress Texas in his race for one of these newly-created positions in Travis County, and Progress Texas Certified Progressive Kendall Scudder is running in Dallas County - we're proud to welcome both of them back for an important and informative conversation.

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