We've been fans of Liz Hanks, the Texas Chapter Lead for Moms Demand Action, for a long time - so, we're elated but not surprised that she's been chosen to receive that fine organization's Sue Brooks Award, honoring her as the top of 51 state leaders (including Washington, D.C.)! We invited Liz to talk about the award, the significance of it coming to Texas, what Moms Demand Action has accomplished, and the challenges it, and all of us face moving forward.

Links discussed today: ⁠https://gunsensevoter.org/⁠, ⁠https://www.thetrace.org/⁠, and learn more about Moms Demand Action at ⁠https://momsdemandaction.org/⁠. Liz invites you to text READY to 64433 to join the effort, and to download the Moms Demand Action app.

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