It's our first (and maybe...our last) Halloween Spooky Special! And believe us, there's plenty haunting us this year, but there's also hopeful news: the new GOP electoral maps threaten to make life frightening for the next decade, but there are challenges advancing. And the U.S. Supreme Court is set to consider the new Texas abortion restrictions, maybe as soon as in the next few days. Speaking of frightening, we share our spookiest stories: why did Mitt Romney and Kyrsten Sinema have to go and ruin Ted Lasso for us? Who can convince us that Ted Cruz isn't not only a zombie, but a Nazi zombie? We sure are spooked by North Texas Rep. Matt Krause's new book-burning adventure - only a couple of steps from a full-on witch hunt. Maybe we're still in shock from the horror of four gruesome Lege sessions? Let's just hope that when the lights go out this winter, it's just because of ghosts. Thanks for your support in these perilous times.