We're in the midst of the 30th anniversary of one of the darkest moments in our state's recent history: the standoff at the Branch Davidian compound at Mount Carmel, just outside of Waco, which culminated in the deaths of dozens of men, women and children. This event captured the attention of the militant white supremacist movement then, and has served as a rallying cry for them ever since.

Meanwhile, this weekend, former President Donald Trump is planning a rally at Waco in a blatant pledge of alignment with the paramilitary conspiracist fringe right, in an obvious move to rally them to his side.

We've invited Lindsay Schubiner, Director of Programs for the Western States Center, to join us to recall the Branch Davidian tragedy, discuss its impact on the American right over the last 30 years, and ask the question: what are Donald Trump's real goals in connecting his campaign to Waco?

Learn more about the Western States Center here: https://www.westernstatescenter.org/

Learn more about the anniversary of the Mount Carmel event here: https://www.biography.com/crime/a43329362/the-siege-at-waco-firsthand-accounts

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