It's become an annual exercise of catharsis, renewal and forward strategy for us at Progress Texas: every year, we analyze the last year of the battle and pick out the five best, and five worst, Texans when it came to the arc of politics in the Lone Star State. On the good side, the obvious: Beto O'Rourke and Mothers Against Greg Abbott, along with pleasant surprise heroes like Olivia Julianna and Access Education Round Rock. On the bad side, the even more obvious Greg Abbott and Ted Cruz, with disturbing and dangerous surprises in the Republican press on banning books and attacking school boards. Right now, for Texas progressives, it can be easy to see and to be discouraged by all the negatives stacked against us - but we're here also to highlight and celebrate the good and the possible that is always present in Texas, and we're renewed for the fight ahead. Thanks as always for your support of Progress Texas!