The majority of schoolkids in Texas return to the classroom this week, and while this is normally an exciting time of adventure and fun, it's lost on nobody - including the kids themselves - that they're returning to a Texas public school system in the throes of crisis. Political culture battles at school board meetings, massive staffing shortfalls, continued threats from Republican leadership on multiple levels - all of that would be very difficult to overcome, and that's not even considering the horror of Uvalde and its continued aftermath of obfuscation and failure. Chris Mosser is joined by guest co-host Lana Hansen, Executive Director of Texas Blue Action Democrats, for a conversation with Patty Quinzi, Director of Public Affairs & Legislative Counsel for the Texas chapter of the American Federation of Teachers, AFL-CIO, covering the near-impossible circumstances facing Texas school districts, the long-term risks presented by our state government's continued fumbling of education, and the way out of this historic mess - ultimately, it all comes down to your VOTE this November. Thanks as always for supporting Progress Texas, who express our eternal support for our Texas educators.