Since the beginning of this historically horrible heat wave, the Texas power grid has teetered on the brink of repeating the disaster of Winter Storm Uri - but, losing power in the summer would be an even more devastating blow for Texans than the horror we endured that winter. Governor Abbott's promises that "the grid is fixed" are clearly baloney, so we thought it a good time for a clear discussion on the nature of our state's energy problem, how we got here, and how we can finally put this sorry, embarrassing affair behind us. We're joined by Texas Railroad Commission nominee Luke Warford, who's clearly doing all he can to bring forward solutions, and Blue Action Democrats co-founder and esteemed energy attorney Carrie Collier-Brown - our go-to expert for all things grid - for a clear discussion on the power problems that continue to plague our state, and what can be done about them - starting with your VOTE this November.