The impeachment of long-indicted Attorney General Ken Paxton is being seen as a sort of consolation prize for Texas progressives, having been denied ANY meaningful political gains in the Republican-stacked legislature again this year - but how did we get here, what's really at stake, and what's likely to happen next?

Our guests this week have had a front row seat for the Paxton soap opera for years: State Representative John Bryant of Dallas has just returned to service in the House and was present for the impeachment proceedings that eventually succeeded in sending the Paxton case to the Senate. And, Texas rock star attorney Justin Nelson - lately fresh off successfully suing Fox News on behalf of Dominion Voting Systems - ran a terrific campaign against Paxton for AG in 2018.

We're also proud to welcome guest host Kendall Scudder to the conversation - Kendall is currently Vice Chair for Finance of the Texas Democratic Party, and is also a podcasting veteran as co-host of the beloved Pod Bless Texas podcast. There's a lot going on with the Paxton case, with potential implications for just about every member of the Legislature, and for politics across the entire state - join us and dig in.

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