You may have heard that HB 2744, otherwise known as the Raise The Age Act, has become a true rarity - a measure based on sensible, basic gun ownership regulation in Texas that has been voted out of committee. It would raise the minimum purchasing age of certain semi-automatic firearms from the current age of 18, to 21. We've rushed this episode of the podcast to encourage YOU to do all you can to help sustain this rare opportunity. We're proudly joined by Nicole Golden, Executive Director of Texas Gun Sense, and Liz Hanks, Texas Chapter Lead for Moms Demand Action.

These are the Republican members of the House Calendars Committee, who are in control of the future of HB 2744. We encourage YOU to call their offices to express support of the Raise The Age Act.

Dustin Burrows (Chair) ⁠(512) 463-0542⁠

Toni Rose (Vice Chair) ⁠512-463-0664⁠

David Cook ⁠512-463-0374⁠

Charlie Geren ⁠512-463-0610⁠

Cole Hefner ⁠512-463-0271⁠

Jared Patterson ⁠512-463-0694⁠

Shelby Slawson ⁠512-463-0628⁠

Ed Thompson ⁠512-463-0707⁠

In addition, please support the national action being promoted by Moms Demand Action by texting "FedUp" to 64433.

Learn more about Moms Demand Action at ⁠⁠, and about Texas Gun Sense at ⁠⁠.

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