Efforts by Republican legislators at the Capitol to undermine the authority of local elected officials in our major cities - for the most part, Democrats - is not a new story. But this year, what has commonly been seen as right-wing bluster is threatening very real consequences for the larger municipalities of Texas. State trooper presence alongside local police departments in urban areas, takeovers of local independent school districts, and the recent threat by Governor Greg Abbott to pardon convicted murderer Daniel Perry, whose victim was a progressive BLM protester, all provide examples of real and unwelcome encroachment by conservative (and mostly rural) State lawmakers upon the internal affairs of Texas' largest cities. Joining us to discuss all of this are Democratic Texas State Senator and former Travis County Judge Sarah Eckhardt, and Dallas City Council Member Adam Bazaldua.

Find Senator Eckhardt at ⁠https://saraheckhardt.com/⁠, and Council Member Bazaldua at ⁠https://www.bazaldua4dallas.com/⁠.

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