We've come a long way, baby! Hard to believe that we've made the 100 episode mark, and as we've said, we're also proud to say that over that time, we've grown the Progress Texas Happy Hour into one of the top 10% of all podcasts globally in listenership - which doesn't happen without YOU. And, we're also proud of the impact our organization has made since its founding - ample reason to invite two of our most esteemed alumni to look back in reflection, and to look forward in resolve.

Founding board member Steve Adler was Mayor of Austin for two terms, concluding just this last March, and famed Texas political consultant James Aldrete was there from the beginning as well. Join us for a tour through the history and impact of Progress Texas, and an analysis of the job at hand as we move forward into Texas' progressive future.

Article on dismantling right-wing gun garbage: https://progresstexas.org/dismantling-5-right-wing-talking-points-guns

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