Organizers of The Response push voter mobilization

I just got an email from Don Wildmon, Founder of American Family Association (AFA).  You might know AFA as the bigoted and controversial sponsor of Rick Perry's The Response who in November 2010 was named a Hate Group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

The email from AFA confirms what many have said for months.  Rick Perry's The Response was nothing more than a political rally disguised as a Christian prayer event.

  The email asks reads to join Champion the Vote (CTV), a voting mobilization organization that is dedicated to fighting for and supporting candidates who advocate issues such as anti-choice, anti-marriage equality, public prayer and involving God in government.

CTV's stated goal in the email is to "mobilize 5 million unregistered conservative Christians to register and vote according to the Biblical worldview in 2012


Here is the email:

Dear Mark,

Thank you for registering for The Response on August 6 in Houston. I hope you were able to attend or participate online as it was certainly a day to remember. I was especially encouraged to see so many youth and young adults in attendance. In addition to the tens of thousands who were in attendance at Reliant Stadium, over 2,000 churches and groups gathered together and joined the event via a live web stream, and hundreds of thousands participated via a live web stream from their homes. If you were not able to participate live, we encourage you to watch the video archives of The Response that will be available at the website ( until the end of August.

The Response was just the beginning of a nationwide initiative to return America to the principles on which she was founded, with God at the center of our nation. All of us in attendance in Houston were moved by the overwhelming call to repentance, prayer and action.

Today, I want to introduce you to Champion the Vote (CTV), a friend of AFA whose mission is to mobilize 5 million unregistered conservative Christians to register and vote according to the Biblical worldview in 2012. Only half of the Christians in the United States are registered to vote. Imagine the impact we could make on the future of America if these Christians made their voices heard in the voting booth!

CTV’s research has shown that it takes only 5 million voters to influence the outcome of an election. This is a do-able goal, and Champion the Vote is seeking Champions – an army of volunteers -- to help with the effort. A Champion is simply a Christian talking to other Christians about registering and voting.

If you would like to be involved in this important initiative, go to the CTV website ( for complete details. We can make a difference, one by one, multiplied across the nation.


Don Wildmon, Founder
American Family Association

We have no problem with individuals hosting religious events.  We have no problem individuals hosting political events.  But when you host a political event disguised as a religious event you do both a disservice.