No handouts for big polluters: No on HB 5!

S. San Gabriel River Pollution
Take action for environmental justice!

Your lawmakers hear from paid lobbyists each day. Let them hear from you!

There are just a few weeks left in the legislative session, but it’s not too late for lawmakers to get serious about protecting Texans from pollution.

To speak immediately with your state representative at the Texas Capitol, call them right now! And tell them:

Texans shouldn't get less for more! Vote for GOOD amendments like:

- including renewable energy projects

- increasing public participation

- holding major polluters accountable

- more legislative oversight

And vote against BAD HB 5!

Call your representative!


Unsafe pollution levels in our air, waterways, and land are dangerous to deadly, and they contribute to the warming of our planet. This abuse in Texas is met with minimal to no fines or punishment! To make matters worse, many polluting developers are not even paying taxes (while we Texans pay ours)!

Tell your lawmaker: No handouts for big polluters!