NAHM celebrations across Texas in 2023

Native American Heritage Month events and organizations amplify history, culture, food, and dance

Today is the first day of Native American Heritage Month. The celebration, established in 1990, aims to call attention to the culture, traditions, and achievements of the nation’s original inhabitants and of their descendants. This month honors the people who preserved the Indigenous lands of Turtle Island, the ancestral name for what now is called North America.

Progress Texas acknowledges the land on which we live was the territory of the  Alabama-Coushatta, Caddo, Carrizo/Comecrudo, Coahuiltecan, Comanche, Kickapoo, Lipan Apache, Tonkawa, and Ysleta Del Sur Pueblo. We honor the American Indian and Indigenous Peoples and communities who inhabited and made an impact on these lands and territories in Texas.

Celebrate Native American Heritage Month at an exhibit, festival or lecture near you! 

NAHM Events


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Additionally, many of these events promote local historians and storytellers. So, if you’d like to learn more about how to get involved or support these communities, you can visit the resources below.


The Society of Native Nations

This foundation, established by Native people in Texas, helps to protect and preserve the way of life, culture, spirituality, teachings, and medicines of the Native indigenous people of North and South America. SNN is at the forefront of organizations that address and support issues facing Native communities like wealth disparity, cultural racism, and environmental issues.

Indigenous Cultures Institute

Founded in 2006 by the Miakan-Garza Band, the ICI works to preserve the cultures of the Native Americans indigenous to Texas and northern Mexico while maintaining their covenant with sacred sites. This work consists of providing speakers and performers to events around the state, education, and programs on sacred sites, research, and reburials.

American Indian Center of Houston

The American Indian Center of Houston is devoted to enhancing the Native American community in the Greater Houston area through personal, social, health and cultural development. They work in association with the Alabama-Coushatta tribe for input and offer a range of programs and services, community support, and workshops and classes. They also have an educational link to resources on NAHM here.

Intertribal Community Council of Texas

The ICCT is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advocating and voicing stories and issues for Native Americans residing in the DFW Metroplex. They focus on community involvement to produce connection and address injustice, which is done through hosting community events and an annual arts festival.

Red Nation International Film Festival (RNIFF) and Red Nation Celebration Institute (RNCI) 

As a media organization ourselves, we thought the Red Nation Film Festival put on by RNIFF and RNCI should gain attention. This month-long festival takes place Nov. 1-30, and it serves as the cultural bridging of independent Native Indigenous artists and audiences, amplifying emerging voices and perspectives for the Native Indigenous storyteller

Editorial Note: Progress Texas is not an organizer of the listed events. If you have more NAHM events or celebrations you would like to add to the list, please send them our way: