Why Would Marco Rubio Supporter Jason Villalba Compare Bernie Sanders to a Nazi?

Last night, Democratic presidential candidates held a civil debate focused on issues and solutions - a nice contrast to the name-calling and finger-pointing of the Republican presidential debates.
But some Republicans will never miss an opportunity to bring it down a notch, so Texas GOP Legislator and Marco Rubio supporter Jason Villalba decided to post Internet memes comparing Senator Bernie Sanders, who is Jewish, to that of Nazis.
Rep. Villalba is a supporter of Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio, who just last month held a Texas fundraiser at the home of a Nazi memorabilia collector on Yom Kippur.
And according to Villalba's twitter timeline...he was at that event. In a tweet from September 23rd of this year, we see a picture of Villalba and Marco Rubio, presumably at the home of the Nazi collector.
Progress Texas Executive Director Ed Espinoza issued the following statement responding to Rep. Villalba's tweets:
"Any politician with half a brain knows better than to make that type of accusation. The Democratic debate discussed immigration, guns, paid sick leave, and student loan debt, which are important issues on the minds of millions of Americans."
Even Rep. Villalba's Twitter followers are giving him hell for this one, as can be seen in the responses to his original tweet.
Rep. Villalba claims that the comparison to Nazi's are "direct quotes from Bernie Sanders."
You've got to be kidding, Jason.
Even if it was a quote from Sanders, which is hard to believe, the connection Rep. Villalba is trying to make on twitter is an outright lie. Comparing someone to a Nazi is a very serious accusation, and one that an elected official should know better than to do.
We expect elected officials to have the judgement and character to know better, and to know that their words will be scrutinized for accuracy.